Moving Average Simplified

Moving averages work by tracking the average price of a security over a set number of periods. For example, a 50-day moving average calculates the mean price over the last 50 days.When the shorter moving average (like 10 days) crosses above the longer one (like 50 or 200 days), it's a buy signal - the short-term trend is turning positive. Likewise, when the shorter average crosses below the longer one, it's a sell signal.

Backtested results show this simple strategy beats buy and hold over 60% of the time. Even better, it's easy to understand and implement for any investor.

Give it a try! Just pick your moving average periods, follow the crosses, and you could see improved gains with less downside risk. No complicated formulas needed - just simple moving averages that outsmart the market more often than not.

Ride the Trend with Moving Averages

A moving average can help you identify the trend and make profitable trades. If the price is above a key moving average, the trend is up - ride it to potential gains! Likewise, if the price falls below, the trend is down.

You'll be surprised how often an entire price swing follows a single moving average. It acts as a guide, showing support during uptrends and resistance during downtrends.

The only weakness? Volatile, ranging markets that don't respect the moving average. They work best when trends are clear.

The key is cutting losses short but letting winners run. Use trailing stops to lock in profits as the trend extends. And bail quickly if the trend reverses to limit downside.

When done right, this approach ensures larger gains outweigh the smaller losses from false signals. Give it a try - a simple moving average could be your ticket to riding the trend!

Simplify Your Trading with Moving Averages

Moving averages create clear buy and sell signals by smoothing price movements over time. Use them on any time frame for a objective view of trends.

Rather than relying on predictions, let the moving averages guide your entries and exits. The numbers don't lie - price is either above or below simple levels.

Backtest strategies easily and see what works best. You can also combine moving averages like 10-day and 50-day crossovers to catch strong trends while avoiding whipsaws.

Legendary traders from Ed Seykota to Linda Raschke trusted moving averages for good reason. They have profited hugely entering near the start of trends and exiting as they end, based on moving average signals.

Forget talking heads - follow quantitative facts instead. Moving averages cut out subjective views and noise. Let the numbers work for you through bull and bear markets.

Simple tools but powerful results. Give moving averages a try to streamline your trading decisions.

Backtested Moving Average Strategies

5 moving average trading strategies that were backtested against a buy and hold approach:

  • 5-day and 20-day MA crossover on daily charts
  • 10-day and 30-day MA crossover on daily charts
  • 20-day and 50-day MA crossover on weekly charts
  • 50-day and 200-day MA crossover on monthly charts
  • 200-day MA breakout signals on monthly charts

Backtests showed these moving average strategies outperformed buy and hold in bull markets but underperformed in bear markets.

Using Stops to Limit Losses

The importance of using stops to limit losses during signals. Trailing stops can help riders trends.

Performance in Different Market Conditions

Discusses how moving averages work best in strongly trending markets and provide more signal noise/false signals in choppy markets.

Strategy in a Nutshell

This simple moving average crossover strategy combines two winning approaches: the golden cross of the 50-day and 200-day MA, plus staying invested when price is above the 200-day MA.

Entry Signal

Go long if:
โœ… Price is over the 200-day MA
โœ… The 50-day MA crosses above the 200-day MA

Exit Signal

Exit to cash if:
โœ… Price falls below the 200-day MA
โœ… The 50-day MA crosses below the 200-day MA

Backtested over 25 years, the average trade gained 21.35%. It avoided most of the 2002 and 2008 bear markets, limiting drawdowns.

Performance exceeded buy and hold consistently after 2002. Returns were +625% vs. +550% for buy and hold, but with much lower risk.

Trend trading with MAs provides an alternative to buy and hold through downturns, with systems tweaking to match your risk tolerance, goals and preferred timeframe.


Some Frequently Asked Questions.

The book covers simple, exponential, and weighted moving averages. Simple moving averages equally weight all data points, while exponential and weighted averages give more importance to recent prices.

Using a combination of short, medium, and long-term moving averages allows traders to identify crossover points where the shorter-term average crosses above or below the longer-term average. This helps confirm the strength and direction of trends.

The 5 strategies were backtested on different timeframes, including daily, weekly, and monthly charts. This included combinations of 5-day to 50-day MAs on daily charts, and 50-day to 200-day MAs on monthly charts.

Backtests showed the MA strategies outperformed buy and hold in bull markets but underperformed during bear markets. Performance varied based on market conditions and tendency for trends vs choppy periods.

The book emphasizes using stop losses to limit downside during signals and protect profits. Trailing stops were also suggested to help ride trends longer once a position is established.

Moving averages work best in strongly trending markets and provide more noise and false signals in ranging or choppy markets that lack clear trends for extended periods.

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