Forbes 2023 Top 7 Richest Influencers

In the world of social media, fortunes are being made by influencers who've mastered the art of content creation. Forbes' 2023 list reveals the top 10 wealthiest influencers of the year. Let's dive into their journeys.

7. Brent Rivera

Platform Mastery: Brent Rivera conquered Vine, YouTube, and TikTok, amassing a 50 million-strong fan base.

Business Savvy: Besides creating content, Brent's partnered with giants like Starbucks, Xbox, and Prada. He founded "Amp Studios" to mentor creators and brands, with a focus on going viral.

6. Matt Rife

Viral Comedy: Comedian Matt Rife went viral in 2023 with his audience interactions and witty comebacks, translating it into real-world success.

Live Comedy: He sold 7.5 million seats for a nationwide comedy tour and released two stand-up specials this year.

5. Logan Paul

Viral to Wrestling: Logan Paul transitioned from Vine to YouTube but faced demonetization due to controversial content. He embraced wrestling and re-signed with WWE.

Multifaceted: Paul also promotes "Prime Hydration" with KSI and hosts the podcast "Impulsive" with his brother, addressing ongoing controversies.

4. Charlie D'Amelio

TikTok Royalty: Charlie D'Amelio reigns as the top female creator on TikTok with a growing presence.

Fashion and Fragrance: She's the face of Prada, Amazon CeraVe, and her fragrance "Born Dreamer" is on shelves worldwide. Her shoe line, Demelio Footwear, is gaining ground.

3. Rhett and Link

Best Friends & Creators: Childhood friends Rhett and Link started posting comedy shows on YouTube in 2011 and now run Mythical, an entertainment company.

Diverse Content: Their channels, including "Good Mythical Morning," "Mythical Kitchen," and "Smosh," entertain 18 million subscribers.

2. KSI

Gaming to Boxing: KSI, known for reacting to FIFA video games, transitioned to rap and boxing. He secured a multi-year distribution deal for "Misfits Boxing."

Major Sponsorship: He's the face of "Prime Hydration" alongside Logan Paul, making it the official drink for FC Barcelona, UFC, and Arsenal.

1. Mr. Beast

Digital to Empire: Mr. Beast, Jimmy Donaldson, tops the list for the second year due to his colossal online presence.

Real-World Expansion: Beyond YouTube, Mr. Beast's empire includes merchandise, candy bars ("Feastables"), and a restaurant chain. Legal disputes might shape his food empire's future.


Some Frequently Asked Questions.

Forbes' 2023 list features the top 10 richest influencers of the year, including Brent Rivera, Matt Rife, Emma Chamberlain, Jerry, Logan Paul, Charlie D'Amelio, Rhett and Link, Jake Paul, KSI, and Mr. Beast.

Brent Rivera mastered Vine, YouTube, and TikTok, amassing a massive fan base.

Emma Chamberlain's YouTube journey began at home, and she has since gained 27.9 million followers. She also secured high-fashion deals and inked partnerships with top brands.

Jerry expanded beyond meme posting to create a card game, "What Do You Meme?" He also ventured into the tequila business, advertising, and even launched a heating pad product.

Logan Paul transitioned from Vine and YouTube to wrestling after facing demonetization due to controversial content. He also promotes "Prime Hydration" and hosts a podcast called "Impulsive."

Charlie D'Amelio is the top female creator on TikTok and has become a face of Prada and Amazon CeraVe. She also launched her fragrance and a shoe line, Demelio Footwear.

Rhett and Link are childhood friends who started posting comedy shows on YouTube in 2011. They now run Mythical, an entertainment company, and create various content for their 18 million subscribers.

Jake Paul is known for his wild antics, which have led to controversies, including surprise tattoos, eating dog food, and bathing in icy hot. He has also faced allegations of sexual assault and an SEC charge for undisclosed cryptocurrency sponsorship.

KSI, originally known for reacting to FIFA video games on YouTube, transitioned to rap and boxing. He secured a multi-year distribution deal for "Misfits Boxing" and became the face of "Prime Hydration."

Mr. Beast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, tops the list due to his enormous online presence. He has not only amassed a huge audience but also expanded into the real world with merchandise, candy bars ("Feastables"), and a restaurant chain.

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