Tim Ferriss Net Worth

tim-ferriss net worth

⭐️ Tim Ferriss ⭐️

💵 Net Worth
$ 50,000,000
🧬 Age 45
👫🏻 Gender Male
🌍 Country US
writer, author, entrepreneur

⭐️ Bestselling Author: Tim Ferriss is a renowned author known for his books like 'The 4-Hour Workweek' and 'Tools of Titans,' which have become international bestsellers.

⭐️ Podcast Host: Ferriss hosts 'The Tim Ferriss Show,' a popular podcast where he interviews world-class performers and shares their insights on various topics.

⭐️ Angel Investor: He is an active angel investor and has made investments in companies like Uber, Twitter, and Shopify, leveraging his expertise in entrepreneurship and technology.

⭐️ Lifestyle Design Advocate: Ferriss advocates for lifestyle design, emphasizing strategies and techniques to optimize productivity, health, and personal fulfillment.

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