Roulette offers another relatively low house edge option for table game players. Players can bet on single numbers, columns, dozens, colors, and odds/evens. The house edge varies depending on the bet type. For example, betting on a single number has a house edge of around 2.7% while betting red/black drops it to just 1.35%. Due to the many bet types available, roulette maintains excitement through versatility.

It's a classic game that beginners can enjoy just as much as seasoned veterans. Plus, the elongated spinning of the wheel and calling of random numbers gives roulette a thrilling social atmosphere perfect for live dealer casino enjoyment. For those seeking a balance of low house advantage and engaging gameplay, roulette earns its place among the top choices.

Video Poker

Consider games like video poker. If played perfectly, some varieties like Jacks or Better have a house edge of just 0.46% according to Wizard of Odds, a respected gambling information site. That means for every $100 bet, the casino expects to earn just 46 cents in profit over the long run. Not bad compared to games like baccarat or roulette!

Video poker also scratches the itch of having an element of skill. By making optimal play decisions, you can trim that edge down further or even switch to the player's side on rare occasions. It's one of the few games where experience and strategy provide a real advantage over pure luck.


Slots and some progressive jackpot games offer modest advantages for players. Slots with multiple paylines and higher bet levels will have higher odds in the casino's favor. However, older classic 3-reel slots have predictable paytables with returns approaching 100% over the long-run.

It's also worth checking out newer video slots with return to player percentages publicly listed between 95-98%. Of course, big jackpots are rare, but a few coins in such slots gives entertainment value even with modest bets. The lure of a huge progressive prize keeps things exciting. Overall, while not at the top of the lowest house edge list, slots can give casual gamers a fun gaming experience without pushing odds too far in favor of the house - as long as bet amounts are controlled.

The competition to produce the best slot means that slots regularly feature exciting additions like free spins, bonus rounds with unique themes, and progressive jackpots. You never know when a bonus activation or surprise jackpot hit may turn a nominal betting session into a major victory. Taking note of the latest slot releases and most innovative titles ensures you benefit from the technical innovations slimming house advantages down.


For table games lovers, blackjack historically tops the list. If following basic strategy, the house edge is only about 0.5%. On some single deck games, players can get the odds down to 0.16% or lower. Not too shabby against the house.


Of course, the lowest edge of all reportedly belongs to Baccarat at just over 1%. While it lacks video poker's skill element, baccarat moves fast and lets players bet on the outcome without interfering hands-on. It's a relaxing alternative for those nights you want low stress while the odds are in your corner.

No casino game is a guaranteed winner, but by opting for options with smaller inherent advantages for the house, you give yourself the best fighting chance. With some strategy and disciplined play, those savings can really add up over time.

Best Online Casinos

Ready to try your luck at some of the web's top low house edge games? Sites like Wild Casino and Bitstarz offer huge game libraries including all the above options. New players can boost their bankrolls further with signup bonuses worth hundreds in free coins. It's never been easier to put the odds more in your favor - sign up today!


Some Frequently Asked Questions.

Blackjack typically has the lowest house edge of any casino game, around 0.5% on most standard games, though some single deck versions can be even lower.

Typically, classic 3-reel slots have the best payouts around 96-98%. Some progressive jackpot games like Mega Moolah also offer high payout percentages when the jackpot is not won.

Video poker games like Jacks or Better are usually considered one of the best low-risk casino games even on a small budget, offering returns over 99% with perfect strategy. Blackjack is also a good choice when basic strategy is used.

Casino games like baccarat, craps betting the pass line, and certain blackjack and roulette bets have among the best odds of any games based purely on statistical analysis. However, no game offers guaranteed odds of winning long-term.

While no game offers a guaranteed profit, using optimal basic strategy in games like blackjack and video poker can reduce the house edge to a point where a skilled player has near-statistical expectations of coming out slightly ahead over a lifetime of play. Bankroll management is also key to playing for long-term results.

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